We believe investor experiences impact market performance and perception.

Ultimately, you want people to buy what you're selling. A more transparent and seamless research experience gives investors the confidence they need.

IR relies on multiple information channels.

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But digital is the foundation of modern communications.

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A transparent and interactive experience creates an impact.

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Storytelling and Transparency

We launched in 2018 with a simple belief: transparency combined with compelling storytelling fuels high quality investor relations. Investors are a skeptical and perceptive bunch, so investor relations teams must create experiences that inspire credibility and trust.

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Our Founding Team

Brock Elmore

Cofounder, CEO, Lead Engineer

Brock attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, before dropping out during his senior year to focus on a machine-learning bitcoin price prediction algorithm. Brock now runs a family office hedgefund, Blocktorch, utilizing the algorithm. Brock’s software development capabilities and business management experience allow him to develop the business from the product up to meet the needs of IR professionals.

Trent Elmore

Cofounder, CMO, Business Development

Trent graduated from Carleton College with a major in Art History before beginning a career in advertising. Both pursuits were motivated by a desire to understand the interplay of cultural forces, economic drivers, and personal experiences. Combined with several years of marketing experience, this passion for market forces and user experience situates Trent perfectly to help IR teams tell their story to investors.