IR websites are a constant touchpoint for investors, making for a high value and long-tail opportunity.

But that doesn't mean a great investor experience has to break the budget. Check out our pricing below to see how you can start maximizing your site's impact.

Interactive Stock Chart


(or $200 monthly)

Included Features:

  • Interactive and customizable stock chart
  • Annotate your stock's price movements
  • Preloaded financial reporting and press releases
  • Formatting to match your company's existing site

Stock + Fundamentals


(or $275 monthly)

Included Features:

  • Customizable and interactive financial charts
  • Stock chart and your business's key fundamentals – from revenue to dividends
  • Annotate financial history with SEC filings, press releases, and commentary
  • Pre-loaded data – no extra work for you!
  • SEC Filings with Excel and XBRL files & viewer

Custom Build


(or $450 monthly)

Included Features:

  • Charting solution built to your specifications
  • From custom add-ons to high-powered analyst tool
  • You want it, we will build it!
  • Final price is project-specfic

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