Start driving more engagement on your IR website.

Interactive data visualizations give investors a better understanding over your company, which leads to more consideration.

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Leverage the power of interactive data visualizations to start driving more engagement and consideration.

Increase engagement with your company's story.

Stand out to investors with a new and innovative way to learn about your company.

Give investors a more complete understanding of your company.

Provide a simple and comprehensive onboarding experience for potential investors.

Simple implementation process means low effort for your team.

Interactivity and consolidation of your financials and communications lead to greater reach and engagement.

Accessibility is a core principle of user experience. By removing steps to access information, more investors will find and engage with your company's information.

The digital experience you show investors impacts their perception of you – AnnoData enables you to give a modern and tech-savvy impression.

Only AnnoData provides an interactive, annotated charting experience, allowing you to give investors an experience they can't find on 3rd-party platforms or your competitors' websites.

Data visualizations convey more information, faster. Investors can see the whole picture, and dive into specific details in annotations.

By making it easy to access and engage with your company's story, you allow investors to gain a more complete understanding of your company and its fit for their investment profile.

A one-stop-shop onboarding experience for new investors ensures they have a simple and engaging way to learn about your company.

While annotated charts are great for historical reference for existing investors, the ability to immediately see financial trends, corporate milestones, and strategy has major impact on new investors.

We take care of the heavy lifting, so implementation is low effort for your team.

After determining your data sources and annotations, we create a simple snippet of code for your or your web developer to paste onto your website.

Select Graphic

You select your data and annotations.

Chart Build Graphic

We build your customized charts.

Copy and Paste Graphic

You copy & paste code to your IR site.

Copy and Paste Graphic

Investors engage with your story.

AnnoData makes it easy to drive more engagement and consideration on your IR website.

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